Tuesday, May 18, 2010

checking in

i spent the morning painting the walls of a gallery where i will soon be installing an exhibition that i co-curated with classmates. i love painting. when many things in my life have felt unpredictable and out of my control recently, i love that painting a wall is something simple and easy. its something i can control and i know it will turn out beautifully.

as a result of the meditative process of painting and this overcast weather, i've been feeling a bit introspective this afternoon. i've been thinking about the year thus far, and how we're creeping up on the half way mark.

this led me to revisit some goals i set back in january. while i think i've been making a concerted effort to accomplish numbers three and four, i realize that i've not been doing so hot in number two's department. this is because recent events have provoked a lot of feelings of wanting to give up and run away from some commitments, namely school.

ah, self awareness and accountability, sometimes you're necessary, though not always fun.

though i realize i still have some work to do, its good to be reminded of these goals. so, now i'm thinking about how to go about accomplishing them. at this point, i'm hoping summer vacation can help in the commitment to school area. in which case, maybe i'll go have a glass of water.

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