Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i love this season

tea is good. i enjoy drinking it.
(lots of it in wintertime.)

recent favorites include:
morning thunder (my sister introduced us, it has matte added for an extra caffeine kick).
green tea with peppermint.
ginger (my tummy as been a bit off this week, so this is more necessity than preference).
oh and jasmine, always.

what are your favorite teas, my friends?

clever teacup by via.

*i am resisting the urge to pretend the season is already spring. i'd like to pretend that, but since it was snowing this morning and its still february, i figured i'd be honest with myself and continue to think of reasons that winter isn't so bad.

Friday, February 18, 2011

friday and week in review

this week i:

made a heart shaped pizza.
told loved ones how much they mean to me.
made valentines.
saw harry potter at the byrd theater (and loved every second of it)!
danced with friends and supported a friend's new business venture.
wrote a big chunk of thesis and got some tough research started.
pushed myself to take initiative, move outside of my comfort zone, and received positive feedback.
drank tea all week and stayed away from coffee
(my tummy thanks me).
started watching the tudors again (season 3), oh how i missed that drama and intrigue!
reveled in this amazing weather.
helped organized a professional development workshop for new graduate students in our department
(what a great way to reach out and make an impact).
turned down a job opportunity because i'm making other things (happiness) a priority.
pulled out pencils, paints and paper when i felt blue because making something beautiful always helps.
wrote a letter (ok, email) to a close friend who i miss.

happy friday, loves. the weather here is brilliant and spring-like. i'm excited to on go on my first picnic of the new year over the weekend (in addition to thesisizing, of course)!
what are you up to?

image via.

sea life

i don't have that much to say about this image, besides omgeeziloveit.
check out corey arnold's work, which captures moments from the artist's grueling experience as a crew member aboard a fishing boat to the bering sea.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

word for thought

Sometimes, when we’re lying together, I look at her and I feel dizzy with the realization that here is another distinct person from me, who has memories, origins, thoughts, feelings that are different from my own. That tension between familiarity and mystery meshes something strong between us. Even if one builds a life together based on trust, attentiveness and mutual support, I think that it’s important that a partner continues to surprise.
Barack Obama on marraige and Michelle

at this point i feel that i'm quite a ways away from marriage, but i was moved by his words none the less. i love the idea of still finding mysteries in your partner many years later. so romantic.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i love this season

days when, in february, just as you thought you could take the cold and the grey not a second longer, a brilliantly sunny weekend arrives with temperatures in the 50s. you eat breakfast in the sun in just a sweater, no coat. it warms your heart. and you wonder, has spring come early? and even though you know it hasn't, that you'll have to bear more chilly days before then, it reminds you those dreamy seasons are just around the corner.


*if you can't tell, this is the kind of weather we've been having. its divine.
*also, numbering these posts about why i love winter was sort of depressing me because i'd only gotten to number 5! sheesh. so, i renamed the post. and i like it better now. that is all.
*images via.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

writing is hard.

photobooth self-portrait in the library
thesis writing day 1*
2 pages down, how many to go?

*i've been sort of writing/ researching for months, but this day 1 of actual writing of the real actual thesis.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

loving recently

hello kittens, this week seem to have taken a decidedly colorful and girly turn. i refuse to think it has anything to do with approaching holiday, but is more a result of my longing for spring...
whatever. anyways, enjoy!

these striking faces and hair styles from fashion photographer koto bolofo. via.

lusting over this beautiful flower shop in brooklyn, saipua.

pretty messy hair inspiration from camp comfort. (lord knows i my hairs need it recently...)

herbs in tea tins. arent they lovely? via.

this post about sofia in paris. can i be her bestie for a day? (preferably the day shes spending in paris, that is.)

this sweet arrow ring, just in time for cupid. via.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

word for thought

Presumably one gets involved with this rather peculiar, rather esoteric form of expression because one has had some kind of powerful experience with it- and presumably this powerful experience then makes you want to go on and think about it and learn about it and write about it. But you must have at some point been ravished, been seduced, been taken in.

- rosalind krauss, cofounder of the journal october, art theorist and critic, on the impetus to dedicate ones life to thinking about and learning about and writing about art.

Monday, February 7, 2011

reasons i love winter, no. 4

radiators. some people hate them. i love them.
they are quiet and warm. what could be better on a cold winter night?
and while some antique radiators with layer upon layer of peeling paint may not heat the room as well, they are certainly beautiful.





Tuesday, February 1, 2011

word for thought

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.

the alchemist

*polaroid taken a few weekends ago driving home from harrisonburg.