Friday, February 18, 2011

friday and week in review

this week i:

made a heart shaped pizza.
told loved ones how much they mean to me.
made valentines.
saw harry potter at the byrd theater (and loved every second of it)!
danced with friends and supported a friend's new business venture.
wrote a big chunk of thesis and got some tough research started.
pushed myself to take initiative, move outside of my comfort zone, and received positive feedback.
drank tea all week and stayed away from coffee
(my tummy thanks me).
started watching the tudors again (season 3), oh how i missed that drama and intrigue!
reveled in this amazing weather.
helped organized a professional development workshop for new graduate students in our department
(what a great way to reach out and make an impact).
turned down a job opportunity because i'm making other things (happiness) a priority.
pulled out pencils, paints and paper when i felt blue because making something beautiful always helps.
wrote a letter (ok, email) to a close friend who i miss.

happy friday, loves. the weather here is brilliant and spring-like. i'm excited to on go on my first picnic of the new year over the weekend (in addition to thesisizing, of course)!
what are you up to?

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