Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i'll tell you a secret.

sometimes i have little panic attacks and feel like i can't breathe.
this happens most often when i think about how much work i have to do to make this thesis happen.
and then i tell myself that its just too much, there's no way it could be done in one semester.
or i tell myself that i can't do it at all.
those are terrible stories to tell oneself, i know.
and thats when my breathing gets tricky.
its the worst, friends.
i'm working on it though.
most recently, when i start to feel panicked, i write my worries down in a sketchbook.
i named it the worry wort book.
and then make little illustrations to go with them.
i've found that once scrawled on a piece of paper, they don't feel so big and powerful.
and concentrating on drawing helps me calm down.
maybe one day i'll share a few.

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