Sunday, February 7, 2010

39 days.

oh february.
i feel a little guilty that you're my least favorite. i try to get into the spirit of things. to embrace the love and the hearts, the pink and the red. but you're so cold. so icy. and rather barren. yet, it must be hard being the coldest, darkest month.

view from my desk. apologies for the poor quality, taken by my macbook.

this weekend (and last) we received several feet of snow. quite uncharacteristic for richmond. as a floridian transplant enduring what is only my second winter away from the sunshine state, i waver between childlike excitement, and disdain for the cold, the wet, and the inevitable cabin fever resulting from being snowed in.

but. i must say. thats no attitude to have. so i've been trying to make the most of it. to be in awe at the beauty of the snow covered trees on our street, all silver and glittering. and the absolute silence after the snow fall in our usually bustling neighborhood, oregon hill.

chololatetherapie via

friday night we delved deep into our crafty boxes, pulling out glue sticks, paper, glitter, stamps. we cut, tore, glued, glittered our way to lovely handmade valentines. i'll give you a preview sometime soon. it was some lovely, good old fashioned february fun.

and saturday morning we bravely faced the storm for coffee, eggs and grits at the delicious 821, our neighborhood cafe. temperatures weren't too bad, and besides the wind and the occasional snowflake in the eye, it was a lovely walk. (needless to say i was bundled like the little kid in 'a christmas story.')

holdonlover via

so all in all, though you're not my favorite month, february, and though i may be counting down until spring, i'm trying to make more room in my heart for you. i'm thinking of you as the underdog. and waiting, because perhaps you have some extra special magic in store to change my mind.

ps. the lovely february illustration above is available for free download as a desktop wallpaper from the lovely simple blueprint. love!

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