Wednesday, February 17, 2010


a week or so ago we got an early morning snow that resulted in my first real! snow! day! it was the first snow since my moving from florida thats resulted in all my obligations being cancelled!
this is the stuff dreams are made of. now i know what i've been missing. (bliss.)

so, i thought i'd share a few polaroids from my first real snow day.

naturally my roomie-love and i played hookie from other responsibilities. we ventured out for a walk and in search of some delicious food. (this seems to have become our snowy day routine.)

a neighbor's alleyway fence.

huevos rancheros, sweet plaintains, and cafe con leche at kuba kuba. poor lighting but i love how it turned out looking kind of ancient.

view of the river and train tracks from the hill. oh snow, perhaps you're growing on me?

*i apologize if you're offended by this post's cheesy title. i made that up all by myself.

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