Tuesday, April 6, 2010

beware of the octomonster

i can't remember where i came across this image, but 1. i really love it.
and 2. i'm totally feeling like that crazy monster right now.
(its a been a too-much-to-do, stresser of a week already.)
actually, i wish i were like that octomonster because perhaps then i'd have enough hands accomplish it all?

anyhow, i'm all out of clever thoughts or interesting ideas, but here are a few not so interesting notes:

1. i made this peanut butter granola last night. it turned pretty good. however, i do think the recipe could use some honey. its tasty awesomeness with a dash of milk and sliced banana, though.
2. we hit 90 degrees here today and this little glimpse of summer is making me wish for a pool and a white wine spritzer. bad.
3. this mini summer is also throwing me for a loop in terms of wardrobe. i'm having a hard time adjusting... what does one wear in this heat?
4. the weekend, however, looks like its going to be amazing. like mid to high '60s during the day and sunny amazing. lets fast forward to friday, shall we?

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