Tuesday, April 20, 2010

perhaps i need a vader mask

feeling a bit like this sad vader today. in fact, i wish i could put a mask over my face, cross my arms, and pout in the corner.

its been a rough start to the week.
my car broke down and spent all day monday trying to get it towed from charlottesville to richmond and to a mechanic. and its threatening to be seriously costly to fix.

my little kitty-love ran away last night and spent the whole night out on the streets. the worst part? i didnt even notice for twelve or so hours until it dawned on me that she was being awfully quiet this morning. i was in tears, frantically calling her name in the street when she came running back, whining for her breakfast. im a terrible cat mom.

i received a total jerkface lecture from my major professor today. i'll spare you the details, but i will say that it was totally unwarranted and rather ridiculous. still, it made me feel like a bad student and total failure. i cried in the departmental bathroom after and looked like a puffy eyed asshole all day.

finally, its the last few weeks of the semester and the things to do are piling up much quicker than i can accomplish them, causing panic attacks and the urge to run away to mexico.
or maybe buy a darth vader mask.

anyhow, i give you this woe-is-me laundry list not to elicit that much sympathy (i know i know, it could be much much worse), but to say that posts will continue to be light this week. and maybe next week, until school calms down and my inspired, happy, less sad vader self returns.

xs and os.

ps. alex brown's fantastic sad vader is available at 20x200. so good.

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