Thursday, June 3, 2010

lost and found

yesterday my sister sent me this photo she found of my mom and her siblings taken on easter sunday, sometime in the early 1950s i'd guess. i love stumbling across old gems like this. my dad raised my sister and i as a single parent, so these types of treasures feel like a special sneak peak into a world i never knew.
my mom is on the far left, and i love the sweet, but perhaps a little secretive (?), smile she's wearing.
i also love their fancy easter hats. so lovely.


  1. you mom is wearing a sweet, secretive smile, and some sweet 1950's style those dresses!

  2. 1961 is the date uncle tony gave for this photo. is mom holding a purse? what do you think she has in there? :)

  3. ps. so south florida/ft lauderdale. jalousie windows.