Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hello my loves. i made it to roma safe and sound. our flight was pretty easy, and despite a bit of a stomach bug on my first evening here, our first few days have been lovely.
italy is beautiful as always. the weather has been warm but not oppressively hot. the skies are blue and mornings and evenings are crisp and cool. and the city. oh the city. roma is alive and well. its bustling and bursting with life. and amazing as always. here is a random assortment of photos from my adventures so far.

afternoon on the balcony overlooking via giuliana.

street cafe and a lolita girl.

saint peter's basilica. flooded with light during mass. astounding as always.

fireworks over castle sant'angelo in honor of the feast day for st. peter.

families riding the carousel.

first nights meal, mussels with fresh pasta and caprese salad.

zucchini flowers from the market for frying.

sunrise this morning from the kitchen balcony.

i'll be back with more photos soon, friends. hope you're well and enjoying summer adventures too. ciao ciao!

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