Saturday, July 3, 2010

on the street, trastevere and downtown

hi my loves. this first week in rome has been a whirlwind and so lovely. so many sights, delicious food, old friends, and family. here are a few more pictures from our first days, mostly just some street views from walking around roma.
hope you enjoy.

laundry drying in the sun.

shrine to saint francis of assisi.

obama graffiti.

once when i was young we lived in an apartment on this street for a summer. i'm pretty certain this bakery has the best pizza in all of rome.

my favorite little church in rome. tucked away near campo de fiore.

italian women eat gelato too.

a little cart selling piles of used books.

perhaps this is how they work off all the gelato.

a delicious bakery in the jewish ghetto.

view of st. peter's as the sun goes down.

thanks for reading, friends. i'll be back soon with photos from the market and other adventures. xo!

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  1. st. francis is my favorite catholic saint. He loved the animals! you are having a beautiful time. miss you