Friday, July 9, 2010

lago di bracciano

oh my, summer has arrived and roma is hot. the city is teeming with life; its radiating energy and heat. and while i love it for that energy, sometimes a girls needs to escape.
so, a few days ago we took the train about an hour outside of the city to the little town of bracchiano and swam in its volcanic lake by the same name. the water was crystal clear and cold. families played on its pebbled shores and teens lounged on towels and flirted shamelessly.
it was a lovely day and a wonderful respite from the heat.
sadly, my camera battery died before we explored the village of bracchiano, but i was able to get a few photos down by the water.
hope you enjoy.

view of roma from the termini train station.

the lago from the bracchiano train station.

flags flying in honor of the world cup.

on top of the hill beyond the vineyard, you can just make out the medieval castle of bracchiano where tom cruise and katie were married. oh boy.

the lake. and a swan! just hanging out!


sunshine and clear water are a beautiful combo.




hope you're finding ways to stay cool, friends.
and thanks for reading.

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  1. that swan picture is just over the top (in a fantastic way!) amazing times!