Wednesday, July 21, 2010

jacob hashimoto

yesterday i had the pleasure of visiting the MACRO (Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma). the museum building itself is a beautiful space, and i found there some really interesting artworks and curatorship. my favorite piece, however, was a site-specific installation by american artist jacob hashimoto, entitled silence still governs our consciousness.

created specifically for the MACRO, his installation consists of seven thousand paper kites that the artist made using traditional japanese techniques. each kite is suspended from the ceiling using string, transforming the space into a a delicate sea of paper, light, and air. visitors are invited to walk around and through the sculpture, thus viewing it becomes a participatory experience.

from the MACRO,
"The work fills the room like a 'diaphanous canopy' evoking in its spectators the sensation of being 'surrounded by a mist filled forest of kites and strings - a quiet, meditative, sculptural environment.' The piece synthesizes nature and technology to yield a fluid and organic landscape. This encourages meditation and evokes new readings of the gallery: as a void, as space, or as time."

hashimoto lives and works in new york and verona, and appears to have gallery representation in both cities. i hope to see his work stateside in the future.
its breathtaking.
here are a few photos for your eyes, my dears. enjoy!

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