Friday, July 30, 2010

manifest destiny (& happy friday)

oh my, is it friday already?
i said goodbye to roma and landed safe and sound at home in virginia earlier this week. things have been a little crazy since getting back, jet lag, flatmate issues, reality checks.
so it goes, back to life, back to reality.
its ok though, i'm ready. my roman holiday was wonderful. good food, good wine, art, family, italians, what could be better? but the break also offered a much needed respite from the overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out feelings i was having towards grad school at the end of last semester. and so, i returned feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work.

i also returned with the goal of cultivating a new outlook and attitude about what i need to do. do you guys practice the whole idea of manifestation? it feels a little hokey, but i'm trying it out. basically saying what you want to have happen in positive and affirmative terms. for instance, this is my new mantra:

"i will successfully defend my thesis proposal in september. then i will write my thesis over the rest of fall semester and in the beginning of spring, finishing it in february, revising in march and defending it in april. (since my proposal has been such an ordeal, my thesis writing expirience will be surprisingly smooth!) and i will graduate in may. my advisor, committee members, and family will be so proud. most importantly, so will i."

so theres that. i've been telling myself that story daily since i got back. and maybe writing it here will push it to happen too. anyways, i'll let you know how that one goes.
thanks for reading friends. and have a lovely weekend!

photo: self portrait in red at MACRO future.

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