Sunday, July 11, 2010

mercato trionfale

well, hello friends. i hope you're having a lovely weekend. just thought i'd share a few photos from the market in our neighborhood of prati in rome. its amazing. you can find nearly everything there. beautiful, fresh produce, cheeses, meat, seafood, fresh pasta, baked goods, grains, olives. its delish.
be forewarned, however, that these photos are not the best. its an indoor market, so theres some pretty terrible lighting. also, the only day i've remembered to bring my camera we were in a crazy hurry, so they were all shot on the fly.
anyways, happy marketing!

in season now: peaches, apricots, plums, pears.

and tomatoes, of course.

sweet sweet cherries.

yellow plums.


pretty burloti beans

onions and potatoes, oh my.

more tomatoes.

pretty basil plants.



fresh cheese and pesto!


little hearts.

sweet treats.


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