Friday, July 23, 2010

happy friday, loves

my stay in lovely roma is coming to a close. i head home monday, so this weekend i plan on soaking up every last bit of italy that i can. tonight, MACRO future and dinner is tesveccio. tomorrow, the beach? (swimming somewhere! its hot, hot, hot.) saturday night, shakespeare's the tempest in borghese park. sunday, the flea market, packing, and dinner with old childhood friends. (and in general this weekend, consuming as much as i possibly can of all this divine culinary amazingness that i'm surrounded with, of course.)
hope you have lovely weekends, friends. do something nice for yourselves as a reward for enduring all this heat, yes?
thanks for reading. xs & os.


  1. already?! it went by so fast! but i'm glad you are coming hommmmee!!

  2. i know! so amazingly fast. cant wait to see you though, pretty lady.