Wednesday, September 8, 2010

just a few things

this weekend flew by and i awoke yesterday feeling a bit frantic and overwhelmed at how much i've already taken on this semester... but after the first solid nights rest i've had in a few days, i'm feeling much more alive and capable today. and brave.

i'm smitten with these lovely embroidered pieces of lace and repurposed handkerchiefs by artist joetta maue, like the one above. aren't they lovely? check out her etsy shop. (via.)

i officially saw the first fall leaves changing colors yesterday. still mostly green trees, but there were a few oranges and reds peeking through. how exciting! i love this time of year.

besides the leaves changing, i also love fall because it brings soup weather. i'm always craving soup. first up: shiitake hot & sour. then i'm thinking some type of split pea? and then maybe red lentil? yumm.

finally, i am planning a visit home in october for a friends wedding and the trip can't come soon enough. i can't stop daydreaming about family and friends and florida times.

happy wednesday, folks. thanks for reading.

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