Friday, September 17, 2010

lucky ones

there's nothing like a good old fashion heart to heart with your parents to put things in perspective. i was feeling rather blue about school this week, but phone calls from both my dad and step-mom warmed my heart and reminded me of all the good things in life.
(i cant wait to see them next month!)

this morning i talked with my step mom about a family member who has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. hes only 29 years old and the cancer has spread through out much of his body. he starts some pretty extreme chemo treatments next week, and in short, the challenges hes facing right now make my problems seem trivial.
his bravery and perseverance are definitely full of grace.
anyhow, conversations like that one remind me how lucky i am.

a few things i'm grateful for today:
sweet phone calls from loved ones in the morning.
waking up on a beautiful, sunshine filled fridays.
amazing september weather.
fun weekend plans.
being able to celebrate the wedding and love of dear friends this weekend.
how baking some sweet treats can be such good therapy.
my little espresso maker.
finding a pretty french connection dress at thrift store for only $10!
when my pretty little calico decides to grace me with her presence and snuggle at bedtime.
that i'm alive, and well, and breathing.

thats is all my loves. have a nice weekend. and thanks for reading.

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