Thursday, November 4, 2010

a beautiful mural on a rainy day

its a grey, rainy day here in richmond, and i am supposed to be reading about the pros and cons of integrated art education.
you see, everyday i read, or write, or talk about how to teach people about art. and i love it. (also, i cant wait until i'm doing more teaching and less reading/ writing/ talking about it, but thats another story.)
i'm rambling, but what i mean to say is that i've been distracted today by this lovely video of two talented artists, supakitch and koralie, creating this stunning mural at the museum of world culture in gothenburg, sweden.
its quite beautiful. i love their colors, their lines, their individual styles. and it makes me wonder about those artist's inspirations and their learning experiences as students. and also how things like this video could be used as educational tools.

and it lead me to wonder about the museum of world culture. which lead to me to be even more distracted, and to spending too much time exploring their website and to two conclusions: 1) it looks awesome, and 2) yet another reason i've got to go to sweden.

happy thursday, friends.

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