Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tranquility & triumph

jessica snow, louis the third

morris louis, point of tranquility

i'm loving the most recent installment from the folks at 20x200, this beautiful print from jessica snow's painting louis the third, a rethinking of morris louis's point of tranquility. snow's colors feel so bright and triumphant. i love how she achieves playful spontaneity with what is really a carefully thought out and precise composition and color pairing. lovely.

also, speaking of triumph, i successfully defended my thesis proposal yesterday! and to top that little victory off, i also received a ton of great feedback and encouragement. after a long drought in the positivity department over the last few months, it was so refreshing. hurrah!

so thats that. i hope you're all having little triumphs, too.
no matter how big or small, they're all important, right?

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