Wednesday, August 18, 2010

everyone needs warm feets

bonjour mon amis! we've had overcast skies for the past few days and a few showers that have left us with dropping temperatures. i'm enjoying the respite from summer heat, but these grey days also seem to be foreshadowing an impending end to summer. talk of labour days plans has begun, and before you know it, it will be october. anyhow, while i'm still trying to soak up every last bit of summer, i cant help but get excited about the coming change of season, the leaves falling, and best of all, cozy fall clothes. and for me, this means procrastinating from thesis research by treasure hunting on etsy for vintage boots. but i decided that rather than buy all these beauties for myself, i'd share them here and maybe one of you will buy them and love them and think of me fondly when your little toes are snug as a bug this fall. happy bootsies!

pretty brown lace up ankle bootsies.

a nice twist on the classic brown riding boot, my fave winter staple.

in love with these lace up darlings. wouldn't they be amazing with skirts and dresses and tights? someone buy them and love them because they're too big for my mini feets.

and how about these stunning italian beauties?

or cozy vintage mukluks? yes please.

unlike anything i've seen before, i'm also smitten with these sweet little tweed numbers.

not exactly boots, and perhaps a little spendy at $100, but oh so freaking cute. i might seriously need these beauts.

and a good pair of classic black booties.

and how cute are the sweater linings in these brown pretties? they look so warm and cozy.

so, i'm not sure i can pull these off, but they certainly are fabulous. someone needs to rock these magic metallic bootsies.

and last but not least, a handsome pair for the fellas.


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