Monday, August 23, 2010

this weekend

was wonderful. thoroughly relaxing, full of smiles. yesterday we drove over to chesapeake bay, explored the coastline, swam and ate blue crabs. it was a lovely adventure, one that i've been meaning to make ever since moving to richmond.

but i woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed by the semester thats beginning, an impending meeting with my advisor later this week and the fact that i still haven't found anyone to move into my apartment.
or defended my thesis proposal.

phwew. but instead of being anxious, i've been visiting the memory of floating on my back under the warm sunlight in the bay yesterday. and listening to the EP all delightful people that sufjan stevens released last week.
and reminding myself to keep moving forward.
and to enjoy it. because life is good, yes?
tell me friends, how do you keep the anxiety sneakies away?

hope you have a lovely week. xo.

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