Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stone soup: minimalist cooking

i stumbled across a little gem recently that i thought i'd share with you. its a free downloadable cookbook from blogger jules clancey of stone soup. jules describes herself as a food scientist, writer, runner, photographer, and minimalist who recently quit her corporate job as a chocolate buiscuit designer (omg! can i have that job?!) to devote herself fully to writing a blog that helps people learn to become better home cooks.

her minimalist approach to cooking uses 5 or less ingredients and centers around recipes that take 10 minutes to prepare. all while focusing on fresh, healthy, and simple foods. i have yet to make any of jules' recipes, but have been visually devouring her cookbook and am excited to try some out. (such as the field mushrooms with feta and olive dressing, or the veggie laksa soup, or the warm lentil salad with beets and ricotta. and don't forget the two minute noodles with bok choy and oyster sauce. oh and thats not including deserts such as the machine-free honey ice cream, or the little ricotta tartets with figs and honey. anyways, i think you get my point.)

here are a few illustrations of jules' in case you weren't hungry yet.

bravo jules and bravo minimalism.

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