Friday, January 14, 2011

day dreaming

i've been thinking a lot recently about dreams and imagination.
someone told me a story not long ago about a man who learned he had only a few months left to live, so he dropped everything and decided to pursue his life's dream. what exactly his dream was, i'm sorry to say, i cannot remember. (ok i realize thats a terrible story, but its not the point.) the point is, whatever it was, i thought his choice was an odd one. but whatever, its his dream. the thing is, it led me to wonder what i would do in his situation. and for a moment, just a tinsy little fraction of a moment in time, i couldn't think of anything.
(maybe i hadnet had any coffee yet?) anyhow, i was dishearted! ashamed! where had all my big dreams gone? where was my imagination?

don't worry, a few seconds later they came flooding back in all their sparkly glory. but the moment left me thinking about dreams, big dreams, little dreams. day dreams. i think as we grow bigger we stop day dreaming as much. we plan. we think of goals. and occasionally we might imagine the future, but not like we used to.
for the sake of my imagination, i thought that i'd make some space for dreaming. so, fridays i'll share a dream with you guys from now on. because, big or little, they're all important, right?

so here goes:

i love cities, i love being surrounded by people, lights, color and energy. yet at the same time, i love the woods, and being far away from everything. (i was raised there, in the country, afterall.) one day, i'd like to return to that world, to live very simply in a little one room cabin in the woods. even if for just a summer. there is nothing quite like being so far away from the rest of the world, and so in tune to the woods around you that you notice every new mushroom, every new spiders web, and know all the animals that wonder by.

happy friday, loves.
hope you have a lovely weekend and do a little dreaming of your own.
thanks for reading,

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