Monday, January 10, 2011

the good life

hi my pretties. the last week flew by as i've attempted to get back to reality and get the ball rolling on this whole thesis thing. as i do so, i made some goals for the new year and the new semester, which i intend to share here once i get a chance, (i know its already the 8th, but whatevs! my blog, i do what i want!) but i'll tell you this, most of them focus on the idea of being more purposeful about the things that i do.
living a more mindful life, you could call it.

anyhow, i tell you this because one thing i've been thinking about is being more purposeful with this blog. i've decided to start some regular posts. basically a few topics i'll write about each week. i hope this will help me to be more purposeful about blogging, and in life in general.

so, without further adieu, let me tell you about the first of these regulars, which i will be calling the good life. basically, i've also been looking for ways to think more positively about things that i may not always think positively about all the time, winter for example. as a floridian transplant in virginia, (where people like to pretend that it doesn't get cold but it does! it really does!) i dread winter and complain too much about the cold. but, i've decided that can change. so, i plan to explore all the ways that i could love winter! what good things can i say about it? that is the challenge i'll be rising to every monday by posting one good thing about life during this season. i hope it will encourage me to be on the look out for the positive all week long. and to continue this trend even when the weather warms.
maybe you can try it too friends?

so here it is, the first of (many) things i (plan) to love about winter:

1. the excuse to dress like a bag lady. i wear so many layers at this time of year! i have no shame! i pile on sweater over sweater, tights under leggings, leg warmers, arm warmers, scarfs, hats, coats, everything, one on top of the other. and in my mind i assume that its totally legitimate, and maybe all that pattern and color even is a bit fashionable, ( like the parisian beauty above, perhaps? yes?) and most importantly, necessary, because being cold makes me grouchy and mean! on days like today i look down and realize that i am completely dressed from head to toe in layers upon layers of varying shades of grey. and thats just fine because its winter!

so there. thanks for reading my friends. you can look forward to more reasons that i love winter, and more regular posts in the future!

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