Tuesday, January 18, 2011

word for thought: 2011

so, hello 2011. its nice to meet you and i thank you for allowing me to join in the adventure. i tend to always wait until half way through january before desiding on goals for the new year. (it sometimes takes me that long to wrap my head around things.) this year, instead of a resolution, i've chosen a word. a word that will inspire me, guide me through some challenges, and frame the choices i'll be making.
in short, choosing a word is setting an intention. so my intention this year: purpose. i will take purposeful actions in moving my life forward. instead of floating along on this path, i will take bold steps to move ahead, seek out adventure, and be open to prosperity. i will be more mindful of the way i live my life and take time to enjoy it. i will be mindful and purposeful about the way i think and communicate with myself.
thanks for reading my intention for 2011, friends. (as new age and hokey as it may sound.) do you have any of your own?
i dont know what the image above has to do with anything, but i like it. via.


  1. purpose is a perfect word. i think i've settled on something similar. intention. also, i need to consistently make sure i take to myself. maybe my other word would be: silence. too often i'm inundated with noise. intentional silence.

  2. oh i like it! i think there are several deeper meanings possible there!