Tuesday, January 11, 2011

word for thought

“I’m often asked the same question: What in your work comes from your own culture? As if I have a recipe and I can actually isolate the Arab ingredient, the woman ingredient, the Palestinian ingredient. People often expect tidy definitions of otherness, as if identity is something fixed and easily definable.”
- artist Mona Hatoum, in beyond east and west: seven transnational artists.

*as i mentioned yesterday, i'll be introducing some regular features this week. on tuesdays i'll simply be posting a quote, a passage, or idea that i've come across recently and found interesting or inspiring. a little wisdom for your tuesday, perhaps. i imagine it will most often have to do with art, inspiration, or mindful living, because those are topics that interest me, but maybe i'll surprise myself.

thanks for reading.

image: marble carpet by mona hatoum.

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