Friday, March 5, 2010

looking forward

around this time of year i always seem to catch the travel bug. i start itching for adventures to far away places. lands of sunshine. warmer climates. new sights, smells, tastes.

i'm quite excited because now i have something real to look forward to.
i bought a plane ticket to italy to visit family over the summer. cant wait! i've been daydreaming about good food, lots of art, and cobble stone streets. and vino, of course.

now i just have to make it until then. i've already told you i'm not so great with those patience and waiting bits. anyhow, its nice to have something dreamy to look forward to.
do you have any summer adventures in the works, friends?

*photo from 2003, one of my favorite places, riomaggiore on the cinque terre.

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