Wednesday, March 17, 2010

several thoughts of little consequence

1. i'm not usually a big fan of pink. this is probably because wearing it makes me feel like a barbie doll. however, as my heart is currently smitten with all things spring, i've been finding myself oddly attracted to this lovely shade of coral. particularly when paired with my old friend turquoise.

2. on a related note, i painted my nails a color similar the one above and they're rocking my world. (hey, its the little things in life, right?) anyhow, the name on the bottle is pitifully uninspired, so i've taken to calling them spring break pink. alternate names could include boca raton coral blush, or art deco salmon.

3. i tried a blueberry bagel for the first time this morning and my loyalty to cinnamon raisin was immediately in question. i'm a bit of a bagel addict, by the way. though i'd prefer to call myself a bagel connoisseur.

4. i like a lot of the work this fella does over at 20x200 and i think this print would make a nice gift to a boyfriend or girlfriend. is that strange?

5. opening the windows after a long, cold winter is one of the best feelings on this lovely earth. my cat, billie jean, who is lounging on the sun drenched sill, seems to agree.

6. its a sinfully gorgeous day here in virginia. a perfect one for a bicycle ride. and there are only three days until spring.

that is all. happy wednesday.

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