Monday, March 8, 2010

oh npr music, how i love thee

i learn about a lot of the music i listen to through npr. i'm not sure if this makes me a huge nerd or super hip. probably the first option, but either way, its my opinion that the fellas at npr music have great taste.

anyways, i was psyched to see this year's free sxsw music sampler download is now available. i've been listening all morning and there's some pretty good stuff. check it out!

also, out of excitement for attending the harvest of hope festival this weekend and seeing lots of great music, including dr. dog, i've been re-watching their tiny desk concert. it's pretty awesome.

i love love love the tiny desk concert series, yet another way to hear some good tunes from npr.
ok, i'll stop now, before i start sounding like a pledge drive.

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