Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a secret you and me house

so, you may or may not already know this, but i'm in love with treehouses.
when i think of the grown-up home i hope to live in one day, in addition to sensible things like wood floors and ample cabinet space, my daydream always includes a lovely treehouse all my own.
perhaps that makes it a not-so-grown-up house? yes? well, good.

anyways, a favorite way of procrastinating involves scouring the internets to look at other people's amazing tree houses.
and today i came across a fantastic blog devoted entirely to the love of tree houses,
appropriately named fuck yeah treehouses!

this lady is a blogger after my own heart. here are a few favorites of the jealousy inspiring hideouts she's posted.

so magical!

also, just for good measure, one of my favorite shel silverstein poems:

a tree house, a free house,
a secret you and me house,
a high up in the leafy branches
cozy as can be house

a street house, a neat house
be sure to wipe your feet house
is not my kind of house at all-
let's go live in a tree house.

lets, shall we?


  1. love this post! those pictures are amazing! thanks!

  2. also, we used to live in a tree house, kinda.

  3. joanna, thats totally true, we did grow up in a tree house of sorts! i suppose thats where the love stems from.